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" Bridal cave is one of the most beautiful attractions Missouri has to offer. Over looking the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, this natural wonder is gorgeous. Courteous and helpful staff make the experience one you won't soon forget. "

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Peanut seeds (kernels) grow into a green oval-leafed plant about 18 inches tall, which develop delicate yellow flowers around the lower portion of the plant. The flowers pollinate themselves and then lose their petals as the fertilized ovary begins to enlarge. The budding ovary or 'peg' grows down away from the plant, extending to the soil. The peanut embryo turns horizontal to the soil surface and begins to mature, taking the form of the peanut. From planting to harvesting, the growing cycle takes four to five months, depending on the type or variety.

Family Underground - Future BreadFamily Underground - Future BreadFamily Underground - Future BreadFamily Underground - Future Bread