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The oxygen blue-green algae produced made it possible for other types of organisms to develop. These organisms needed oxygen to carry out their life processes of growth, feeding, responding and reproducing. Unlike the blue-green algae, these organisms could not produce their own food. They needed oxygen to perform their life processes of growth, feeding, responding, and reproducing. In return, they produced CO2, which the algae needed to perform its life processes. A precise balance between plants and animals was established.

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Only three serious attempts are believed to have been made to farm sea turtles . [5] Only one of them, in Cayman Islands , continues to operate, mostly as a tourist attraction. [5] The one in Australia's Torres Strait Islands folded after a few years of operation, [5] and the one in Réunion has been converted to a public aquarium ( Kélonia ). [6] [7]

Various - Animals - ChildrenVarious - Animals - ChildrenVarious - Animals - ChildrenVarious - Animals - Children